One more detail about making sport bets

One of the most recent innovations that the betting sport sphere has experienced is the possibility of registering and making bets while watching streaming of the event, with all the new options that this business brings. Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to have a second-by-second follow-up of what happened in the field, since the high-speed Internet allows even receiving images of live streaming matches. With this new betting mode, new options, markets and conditions were opened. In addition, the use of mobile technology adds dynamism to the offer, since users can access operators from anywhere around the world.

The evaluation of various quality points yielded the result with the best live betting houses. The selected parameters correspond to the percentages and quotas offered in live events, event options, qualities in the transmission service with images and the availability of different markets. In general, the most popular sports find a place in this type of offer, however, other larger but not less attractive sports have been included in the service. 

How does live sport betting work?

Parimatch online cricket bettingIn this style of monitoring, the main attraction lies in the possibility of placing bets while streaming on the different events of a match. Beyond the forecasts of an event, in real-time challenges it is possible to choose options not previously foreseen. Using football matches as an example, quotas are opened to place money regarding a somersault, exact goal timing, quantity of corner kicks, players’ changes and much more. There are thousands of opportunities to generate a position, unlike pre-event options. Moreover all of them can be placed in a stake combination or system.

All current operators usually include a special section for live betting within their platform, usually right next to the home page, either in the form of an additional tab or with an immediate link. Usually the number of markets between the pre-event and live version is usually similar. The only variant is the arrangement of events in each sport and, of course, the ease of following every second of the match closely, through animation in streaming, radio broadcasting or even image transmissions. Thanks to this advantage, it is possible to make instant modifications to bets made while streaming, throughout the duration of the match. A special characteristic in this type of participation is the continuous alteration of the quotas and margins of the house, which are adapted and recalculated during the game streaming.

Comparison of current offer

While comparing the offer that the different operators make available to the public, three criteria are the main factors to define the best among them: the diversity of markets included, the level of the current fees and the correct adaptation of all the services to have access to them from a mobile application, either cell phone or tablet. This last point is of particular interest since, thanks to this, users can be in a bar, the stadium or on the way home and not miss a single second of the action experienced in the stadium. Let’s take a closer look at the three aspects outlined below.

Description of live section 

Following the trend shown here, football stakes represent the largest market available. Not only the main matches of the most important leagues in the world are usually included for live betting, but in most operators, tournaments from several continents are included, in the most diverse categories. Additionally other kinds of sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis are found. 

Offered margin issue

For sure, margins are an important marker to choose the correct betting site, but they can’t be compared directly with each other and thus generate an evaluation parameter, since these ones change rapidly. Nowadays the problem is solved with calculating average balance values (repayments to bettors) .

Reception and monitoring from mobile or tablet

Portable devices with Internet access have revolutionized the conception, planning and execution of various commercial and entertainment areas. Sports betting is a clear example, and today smartphones and tablets are one of the main means of playing for money at sports forecasts. Within this new option, a new trend is gaining strength: live action monitoring from cell phones. For this reason, many operators have chosen not only to include an accessible and dynamic platform, but also to generate a compatible application that can even support the transmission of images in real time.

Due to the extension of the information regarding the characteristics of mobile apps, the complete analysis of the area deserves an exclusive section. For this reason, all the details about the downloads, function, technical requirements and compatible devices are not included.

Why is live sport betting so popular right now?

Еhe coronavirus epidemic is turning everything upside down, including sports betting. If earlier the fans preferred to go to the match itself, having made a number of stakes in advance, then until recently it was simply impossible.

In addition to the high-quality transmission of what is happening in a match or competition on time, live streaming has changed the sport betting business dramatically. Today it is easier than ever to make money from your hobby. You don’t need to look for a bookmaker’s office and go somewhere far away, just sitting at home you can get rich. Thanks to the development of technology and the high service provided by bookmakers, the motto, place your bets and enjoy the result, no longer sounds like a pipe dream.

To sum up: is live streaming an essential part of today’s bookmaking?

Indeed, the system of live streaming and online betting is quite complex, although it’s as simple as possible for the players. If earlier it was considered something outlandish and innovative, now it has become an irreplaceable part of the sports business. The privileges and conveniences that it provides to bettors have positively influenced its strengthening in our lives.